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All illustrations copyright (c) Candra Hope 2009

Dark Tales: Volume XIII
ISBN 978-0-9555104-4-1

Made For Him - Carla Grauls
Beast - C. Edmunds
A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood - Janice Melara
Disconnection - Ilan Lerman
A Special Haunting - Michael Law
Would You Like Ketchup With That? - S. H. Hughes
In the Penguin Colony - M. V. Williams
Dairy of a Madman - Tom Johnstone
Caring for the Living - C. M. Shevlin
The Last Man in Africa - Priya Sharma
The Deadly Semicircle - Desmond Meiring
Night Sea Journey to Turku - George Berguño 

Carla Grauls opens with the metallic clang of a dystopian future. Elsewhere, enjoy contrasting pictures of Africa, a young lad is transported to the dawn of humanity, and something far worse than cattle is lowing in the barn.  And just what is in the freezer in the tale of a Beast? 

I was made for him.

Eyes: powder blue.

Lips: crimson lake.

Hair: a fine synthetic brunette.

Underneath I’m cold to the touch.

Pure metal.

The clock strikes curfew. Women on the streets of Progress City stop.  The shadow of time has passed; signal received; click-click of their heels along the spotless streets. They migrate home light like feathers, perfect and unbroken.

From 'Made For Him' copyright (c) Carla Grauls 2009