If you have written a novel and have now decided to go down the self-publishing route, we can help.

Here at Dark Tales we have extensive experience of all of the stages of book publication, including proof-editing, press preparation, commissioning cover art, and barcode and ISBN generation.

You can 'test the water' by requesting a proof edit for just £5 the first 3000 words of your novel, or £25 for the first 10,000 words. Select your option and once you have paid securely simply upload your document:

Story length

If you then wish to proceed you can choose to take any or all of the remaining steps towards that. Note that marketing and distribution is down to you, but you will have a professionally produced book ready to get out there to a worldwide audience. We can even help you get your book onto Amazon.

Here are some sample prices for a 288-page novel, which equates to approximately 60,500 words:

Prepare 60,500 word novel for print

No edit: £90

With edit: £150

Provide illustration for front cover: £60

Printing 100 copies on 80gsm paper for text, book size 198x129mm

Excluding generation of barcode: £410

Including generation of barcode: £440

ISBN purchase (minimum is 10 ISBNs at one time): £150

Note that this will be using the Dark Tales prefix, published under Dark Tales, but copyright and distribution rights remain with you.

If you would prefer to purchase ISBNs yourself - in which case you will need to register as an eligible publisher - please see www.isbn.nielsenbook.co.uk for more information.

Please do contact us here for more information and to self-publish with our help.