Dark Tales has been publishing the best new horror and speculative fiction, selected from our competition, since 2003...Send us your stories -
urrent deadline is 31st MARCH 2022. 
This will be our last contest while we do some catching up. unfortunately, the dark tales offices were hit with covid-19 - not the best start to 2022, after so many setbacks already. 
We will be sending out all outstanding critiques as soon as possible. please bear with us - 2019 WAS A TOUGH YEAR, 2020 wasn't great for ANYone DUE TO THE CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC, but your continuing support and patience is much appreciated. you are welcome to continue sending stories, and if you are a monthly subscriber you can send up to 6 stories for each deadline.
We have two online (PayPal) options for the contest.

For either option, email your stories to stories@darktales.co.uk once you've paid. 
(1) Pay a single entry fee per story of £4, or £8 with a tick-sheet critique, £20 with a tick-sheet critique and edit:

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or (2) Take out a subscription to the contest from just £2.50 per month. There are options for a tick-sheet critique (£5) and an edit plus critique (£15). You can then enter four stories for the current contest : 

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If you're in the UK you can enter our contest by post - click the link to download a printable entry form:

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As well as our regular contest, we now offer a critique service for stories in any genre from just £5 per story. Details here. Printable order form here:

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